There may be many reasons why a person is not able to leave their home to receive physiotherapy treatments in a clinic. If you have suffered an extensive injury from a motor vehicle accident, if you have recently had surgery, or if you are elderly and have limited mobility then you are an excellent candidate for home care physiotherapy. At West Coast Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd, we are proud to offer this service to all residents of the Corner Brook area.

All of our therapists are prompt and courteous, and can aide in a number of home treatment options. First there will be a detailed assessment of your physical situation in order to create a plan for your rehabilitation. Our goal is to get you on the road to recovery within a timeline decided upon by yourself and your physician. Our priority is to get you back to a physical situation wherein you are then able to visit our clinical facilities and fulfill all your other daily tasks once more.

One of the first steps in this process for many patients is to have one of our physiotherapists assess the home environment for safety concerns associated with falls. We can also assess your rooms including the posture of your bed and offer suggestions to improving your rest with whatever injuries you have incurred. For example; when suffering from swelling in the legs due to a back injury it is advisable to keep the legs elevated, therefore elevating the lower part of your mattress can aide in sleep and recovery.

Our Corner Brook physiotherapists are widely experienced in multiple disciplines including manual therapy, exercise therapy, and the most cutting edge new technologies. If you are suffering from lowered mobility we can bring this expertise to your home in order to care for you back to health. No matter the cause or origin of your health concerns, consulting a professional physiotherapist such as those at West Coast Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd can be of great benefit to your continued success in restoring your previous health.

Contact us today to inquire about our home care physiotherapy options or schedule an appointment for one of our friendly therapists to visit you in your home.