Vehicle Accident Recovery

A vehicle accident can be traumatic and is always unexpected. The injuries sustained can sometimes be delayed; you may feel fine the next day but sometimes within 7-10 days you may start experiencing muscle pain and stiffness. This is not uncommon. There are specific types of injuries associated with motor vehicle accidents, and consulting a trained physiotherapist immediately can prevent these treatable ailments from becoming lifelong disabilities. At West Coast Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd, all of our therapists and team members are experienced in the most cutting edge treatment methods for those who have been involved in car accidents.

At West Coast Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd, our focus is always on providing the best patient care possible to each person who comes through our doors. In the cases of motor vehicle accidents, we want you to focus on healing so you can return to the health you experienced beforehand. If you have been in a car crash one of the most common injuries is to the upper spine and neck. Other common symptoms include joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, arm pain and leg pain. These symptoms occur when the vertebral joints and associated muscles and nerves are subjected to uncommon forces and movements associated with a car accident.

We know that recovery from such injuries can be a long, emotionally exhausting and sometimes painful experience. Our multidisciplinary team will work with you to create a fully customized treatment plan focusing on the areas you need the most. This could be a combination of manual therapy, exercise therapy, massage and acupuncture. We focus on positivity and motivation to keep your spirits up, which will aide you in your recuperation. At West Coast Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd, we know that your emotional state will affect how your body reacts and heals itself over time and we pay attention to this as well. Using state of the art treatment methods in a personalized, friendly, and warm environment is our priority.

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